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8 Ways Brands Can Grow Their Business Through Social Listening

by | Nov 11, 2021 | 0 comments

Your Customers Are Speaking: Are You Listening?

Social listening tools monitor social media conversations and allow companies to capture what customers are saying around their preferred keyword(s), be it – a product, brand, industry, or anything that’s relevant to their business. With the right social listening data, brands can assess their reputation, brand sentiment, and gain valuable customers insights.

Let’s discover eight ways brands can leverage social listening data:

  • Maintain Brand Reputation: Monitoring your brand’s online presence and other relevant information which might affect its reputation ensures that you see the bigger picture while unleashing its full potential. Crawling mentions in real-time in various languages across 100+ million online sources plays a crucial role in improving a brand’s reputation.
  • Helps Track Your Brand: Social listening allows you to monitor your brand’s activity across various social media platforms. It ensures that you don’t miss out on any brand mentions or other parties associated with it.
  • Understanding Your Audience: It is important to have a strong sense of whom you are trying to target before creating content. Demographic insights help answer questions like – which gender is most outspoken, which country the current audience belongs to, audiences’ common interests,   most prominent professions, etc.
  • Competitors Analysis: Analysing your competitors’ strategies, marketing campaigns, and keeping track of their products and features allows you to compare your own outcomes. This in turn helps you develop and change strategies that aren’t performing.
  • Identifying Influencers And Brand Advocates: Social listening can help brands discover new influencers or help them partner with influencers who are already mentioning the concerned brand to their audiences. Identifying brand advocates and rewarding them with giveaways or special offers helps foster a good relationship with them.
  • Improving SEO: Most social listening tools help monitor the web at large, including news websites and blogs. This kind of web monitoring can be beneficial for companies that are looking for new ways to improve their sites’ online image and user-generated content.
  • Analyze The Impact of Marketing & PR: Monitoring campaigns, launches, and other initiatives provide insights on reach, sentiment, and other conversations around the topic. Thus, social listening helps evaluate the impact of a campaign and measure its ROI.

  • Write Better Content: Social listening can help with content marketing in multiple ways. It can keep you updated with the trending topics related to your industry. It can also help you create better content with social data.
8 Ways Brands Can Grow Their Business Through Social Listening


Social listening is one of the most effective methods which brands can leverage to stay afloat and thrive in today’s competitive digital economy. It can help improve a brand’s approach to audience analysis and adapt as per the needs of the target audience.


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