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Online Reputation Management (ORM) For Banks

by | Jun 1, 2022 | 0 comments

Banks & Their Reputation

The banking industry, globally as well as in India, has trust-deficit issues because of a torrent of negative events.  India’s banking sector is frequently under the spotlight, and unfortunately for the wrong reasons such as corruption, mismanagement, frauds, scams, etc.

Some Headlines

Customers sensed all was not well with Yes Bank, withdrew ₹18,110 cr deposits during Mar-Sep 2019

Betrayed by a bank: How the collapse of Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative Bank left thousands in distress

Why is Reputation Important

Why is Reputation Important

Given this situation, depositors will prefer banks that have credibility and provide better security features, fraud protection, mobile and online access, high-quality customer service, and low fees.

As customers invariably research about you online, it becomes necessary for banks and financial institutions to monitor their online reputation as the chances of losing out on potential customers and existing customers losing confidence in them are very high when their online reputation is bad.

Why Should You Consider ORM For Your Bank?

We’re living in a world where the internet has drastically impacted our everyday lives. Thanks to social media and smartphones, it’s easy for people to access information, feedback, and reviews.  Negative reviews by dissatisfied customers, complaints, grievances, etc., get amplified in the online space and could dissuade potential customers.

A positive and credible online reputation is what could make all the difference!!

ORM for Banks Can Help You

ORM for Banks Can Help You:

  • Keep track of customer experiences, analyse them and develop appropriate solutions
  • Track your competitors through social listening tools and implement appropriate strategies to stay a step ahead of them
  • React quickly during any crises with real-time alerts for your brand mentions
  • Utilize various platforms to communicate your brand values
  • Control how your bank is perceived in the eyes of the public through content management strategies and influencers

An effective online reputation management for banks requires specialized business and technical skillsets and a very deep understanding of the nuances of the online space.

Who Can help?

Your business is best served while you focus your energies and resources on building India’s most-trusted Bank. We at AiPlex are equipped with tools and resources to take care of the Online Reputation Management requirements of your bank and we will do “whatever it takes”. Please drop us a line to know more.

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