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Reputation Marketing: Is it Worth Investing in ORM?

by | Jan 10, 2022 | 0 comments

A good online reputation not only increases profits, brings in new talent and creates trust amongst customers but it also reduces marketing efforts. You’ve struck gold if your brand is performing better than your competitor without having to do any marketing or advertising. In fact, a company with a good brand reputation doesn’t need any kind of marketing because people will automatically get attracted to the brand, pay more for their products/services, and even provide free promotion by recommending them to their friends and family.

A good online reputation can result in the following:

Increased Brand Awareness: If your target audience is either familiar with your brand or recognises it; then they will choose you over your competitor. To achieve this, you have to let people know that they can trust your brand.

If your target audience is either familiar with your brand or recognises it; then they will choose you over your competitor

Brands can do the following to increase their trust:

Online Presence: Update your blog regularly and ensure that your website is professional. With the help of your official social media account, profiles, and handles, you can showcase what your brand is all about through posts and videos to your target audience.

Reviews: Feedback and reviews are the best way to rectify faults. Hence, it’s important to have a proper review management strategy in place. Also, people will always remember how you solved their queries and they’ll most definitely tell their friends and family about it. So, ensure that you’re polite and responsive while managing reviews.

Content: Create valuable content and share them across different platforms because your brand awareness will improve when you reach a larger audience.

Customer giving quality feedback

Free Marketing and Promotion: Online reviews influence purchasing behaviour. People these days don’t do anything without checking reviews; they also liberally share their views about their experiences with your brand whether it’s positive or negative. Since all this information comes from a source that’s already used your product or service, it is viewed as authentic. So, instead of investing in traditional advertising, your marketing team can make use of online reviews and social media posts to derive free promotion.

Decreased Cost Per Acquisition: When your target customers are familiar with your brand, it’s easy to attract and convince them to purchase your products. Because even before purchasing your products, people will already feel included and a part of your brand.

Reputed Brands Don’t Need Marketing: Many successful brands reached the top not because of their marketing strategies but for their reputation. Whether your target audience is paying for a vehicle or a simple detergent powder, they will base their purchasing decisions on your brand reputation.

A good reputation leads to better revenue generation. If you’re a brand looking to improve your reputation, drop us a line.

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